Elect Kenya Johnson for Fulton County Judge

Meet Kenya

Kenya Johnson
Candidate For Judge

Attorney Kenya Johnson has dedicated her entire legal career to helping the citizens of Fulton County. As a Community Improvement Prosecutor, she helped victims of crime obtain justice with compassion and improved public safety through accountability and crime-reducing outreach initiatives.

Kenya has an in-depth legal knowledge of all courts in Fulton County and has built relationships with the dedicated servants that turn the wheels of justice. She devotes extensive time and thought to making decisions that positively affect the lives of others while treating citizens and victims of crime with the same respect she would extend to family.

Aside from her legal work, Kenya believes it is important to use her knowledge,  experience and community engagement to actively contribute to the betterment of society. She does this regularly by donating her time and resources to organizing legal education programs for citizens, youth, and attorneys in her current role as a Fulton County Prosecutor and previous service as a Regional Director of a national affinity bar association.  

Kenya’s background as a prosecutor gives her expertise with situations that result after major life and crime events.  Her training and experience allows her to proceed with patience and understanding in cases involving grieving relatives, the elderly and those suffering from mental challenges, and to reach justice solutions for families that ensure dignity and safety are extended to all. Kenya possesses a fair and even judicial temperament and can diffuse contentious disputes by guiding parties with respect and the opportunity to be heard.     

Kenya Johnson is proud to serve as your next Probate Court Judge, bringing forth the values of Fulton County and Georgia law, into the courtroom.