Elect Kenya Johnson for Fulton County Judge

“I am running for the open seat of Fulton County Probate Court Judge to help families in Fulton County thrive and prosper.  I lost my mother as a young adult and the confusion and pain that resulted from handling her business affairs while grieving her death remains with me and serves as motivation to better help other families and citizens.  

When loss and challenges arise, families need an accessible, efficient, and compassionate Probate Court to guide them through difficult times.  Citizens and communities can benefit from the many services of Probate Court and it is my goal to educate and assist citizens about Probate Court’s services to preserve your family’s dignity and protect your hard-earned property.”


Kenya Johnson, Esq.


Kenya Johnson
Candidate For Probate Court Judge

Thank you for your interest in my campaign for Probate Court Judge in Fulton County.  As I ask for your vote on May 19, 2020, please allow me to outline some of the reasons why I am the most qualified to serve as your next judge. 

Kenya Johnson is a long-time resident of Fulton County and has dedicated her professional career and personal life to improving the quality of life for Fulton County residents, youth and animals.   

Kenya will more efficiently and effectively assist Fulton County citizens. For over 20 years, Kenya Johnson has served victims of crime and improved public safety as a Community Improvement Prosecutor.  With that same commitment to community, she will work to help families and citizens on their paths to recovery, prosperity and sustainability.

Kenya Johnson wants to become your next Fulton County Probate Court Judge to ensure that the residents of Fulton County’s needs are put first in a sincere, compassionate and fair manner. She is ready to stand for you and she humbly asks you to stand for her on May 19, 2020 at the polls as she dedicates herself to become your next Probate Court Judge for Fulton County.